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Google Ads Optimization – How to Get More Leads and Buyers

If you’re going to maximize the use of Google AdWords, you will of necessity need to stay on top of ad campaign optimization efforts. Businesses spend thousands of dollars in ad spend each year in order to maintain or improve ROI. Are you doing the same thing? Are you getting the results you desire? For some, the answer may be no. However, Google Ads optimization services can help you achieve the exposure and return on investment you need in order to improve the bottom line of your company.

Google profits in part from AdWords campaigns that are not optimized properly – is not Google’s fault however. A huge portion of Google’s revenue comes from AdWords. Some of that revenue undoubtedly comes from and campaigns that are not efficient or left running for far too long. The real question you need to answer for your business is: “Are you profiting from your participation in Google AdWords?”

Some tactics that can be employed with a Google Ads optimization strategy to help you obtain more leads include:

Create a Keyword List
Develop a list of keywords that is highly relevant to your business, your products, and/or your services.

Preferably, use specific keyword phrases such as “affordable plumbing repair”, instead of “plumbing”, or “plumbing repair”.

Create a Landing Page
Building a landing page on your website and optimizing it to receive traffic can be a highly effective part of your Google Ads optimization strategy. You can build multiple landing pages for multiple ads. As well, you may want to target potential customers in particular cities or states by building landing pages that pertain to a particular service and GEO location, i.e. city or state.

Keep Your Prospects Informed
Make sure your prospects know you will be sending them emails with information they want to receive on a routine basis. As well, you must give them an opportunity to unsubscribe from your email list if they so desire.

Deliver a Free Offer or Resource
As part of an effective Google Ads optimization strategy, you can offer a free resource to your prospects. This could include an e-book, coupon, free service, product rebate, etc., that is related to your offerings in some way.

Employ Google Analytics or Other Analytics Tools
It’s important to understand how your traffic is responding to your ad campaigns. An effective optimization strategy should include some type of analytic tool so you can know your bounce rate and other important factors in order to help you make any necessary adjustments in your strategy.

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