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Go Electric Now With The Nissan LEAF In Newark NJ

A reduced price tag and an estimated driving range of up to 226 miles make the 2022 Nissan LEAF in Newark NJ quite appealing to car shoppers. The cabin is comfortable and spacious with a host of high-tech features, which includes semi-autonomous driving.

Power and Performance

The standard LEAF models feature a 147-horsepower electric motor to power the front wheels. The juice comes from a 40.0-kWh battery pack. The LEAF Plus model features a 214-horsepower electric motor and a 62.0-kWh battery. When you upgrade to the Plus model, you get the advantage of faster acceleration.

The e-Pedal feature makes it possible for the driver to toggle between regenerative braking modes. One mode allows the car to coast when you lift off the throttle. Another mode slows the car down when you remove your foot from the accelerator. That energy is used to charge the battery of the Nissan LEAF in Newark NJ.

Battery Charging

The Nissan LEAF in Newark NJ can be plugged into a regular 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. However, the charging times vary greatly from one to the other. According to Nissan, the LEAF batteries charge within seven hours with the 240-volt connection.


While the interior is made up of quite a bit of black plastic, it does not look cheap. The SL model is available with an optional gray leather interior that some people prefer. The gauge cluster has a large analog speedometer and a 7″ digital readout that you can reconfigure for a wide variety of displays.

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