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10 Signs You Should Invest in Cloud Migration Service Providers

Making a decision to move to the cloud for secure data storage and computing services is a wise choice for any business. However, moving systems from where they are now, including on in-house servers or other hosted servers, is often a challenge.
If you are making the move to the cloud, here are ten signs you should use the migration services offered by your cloud provider:
• New process – if your internal IT team has never completed a migration to the cloud, hiring the experts keeps the process on schedule
• Save money – this is not an easy process, and there can be multiple issues an in-house IT team fails to consider. Hiring a migration service ensures it is done on time and on budget.
• Eliminate problems – knowing where problems can occur is one of the benefits of hiring an expert. Identifying these issues and planning for the migration is their specialization.
• Have a strategy – there are specific strategic moves that need to be made throughout the migration. Having a plan is critical.
• Consider the options – not all computing and storage may need to go to the cloud. A migration service can help you structure this with the desired results in mind.
• Prioritize the process – moving the data needed on an ongoing basis is a priority, while other types of data can be moved later to optimize your budget and time.
• Reduce the timeline – a migration service will dramatically reduce the amount of time the process takes while also increasing efficiency.
• Managing different aspects – understanding the strategic approach in what needs to be moved and in what order is difficult without experience.
• Transfer heavy workloads – managing migration to reduce any downtime for the heavy computing workloads required by your business is critical.
• Understanding of the cloud infrastructure – using the cloud migration service providers ensures a full understanding of the infrastructure and where integration problems may arise.

Before considering an in-house migration to the cloud, consider the potential risks involved for your business.
Web Werks offers migration-as-a-service to make your move to the cloud a stress-free experience. To find out more, see us at www.webwerks.in.

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