Get the Services You Need From Alabama Allergy and Asthma

Dealing with environmental allergies and the respiratory issues that come with allergies can be very challenging. If you’re looking for allergists in Birmingham, AL, you can work with the qualified team at Alabama Allergy and Asthma to get the treatments you need to improve your health.

The allergy team will evaluate your symptoms and provide testing to determine which substances you’re allergic to. Your doctor will also let you know which medicines will help minimize your symptoms so you’re able to complete daily tasks without being overly congested or fatigued. If you’ll be traveling soon, your allergist can tell you which medicines you should bring on your trip and provide you practical tips for feeling your best (i.e. staying indoors during certain hours, avoid close contact with certain flowers and grasses).

Managing allergies is often a matter of being aware of food allergies. The medical team at Alabama Allergy and Asthma can test you for food allergies and let you know which food groups your body is unable to tolerate.

Alabama Allergy and Asthma also offers practical tips to help you keep allergic reactions at bay. For instance, the doctor may provide you with an inhaler that you only use when your allergies are severe or recommend an Epi-Pen that helps to reduce allergic reactions in emergency reactions and prevent you from going into anaphylactic shock. To get more information on the best allergists in Birmingham, AL, and to make your appointment, visit the Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center website.

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