Facts about Tooth Extraction in South Elgin IL

Any Tooth Extraction in South Elgin IL is scary because many patients already hate going to the dentist. This could be from predisposed notions or horrors they experienced as a child. No matter what the reason for an extraction is, it is best to know what the complications are concerning the procedure. The main intraoperative complications of extraction are:

1. Soft tissue injuries. Injuries to the soft tissue can cause mucosal lesions and abrasions on the lips and tongue, gum issues, bruising or intraoperative bleeding.

2. Bone lesions. If the mandible or maxilla isn’t cared for properly during the extraction, it can cause a fracture of the alveolar bone, a maxillary tuberosity fracture, a fracture of the mandibular lingual cortical area or a mandibular fracture.

3. Nerve damage. If dentists ignore the exit, entry and location of nerves they can cause lesions in the infraorbital, lingual and inferior alveolar nerves.

4. Injuries to adjacent teeth. Any Tooth Extraction in South Elgin IL can damage the neighboring teeth.

5. Complications. Poor extractions can cause root fracture, either to the maxilla or mandible or fracture in the neck.

After knowing what can happen during the procedure, one must focus on the many postoperative complications that may arise. Although the dental extraction may be considered a success, dentists tend to see various postoperative complications, like bleeding, bruising, infection, or pain. This pain can be in the muscle, near the adjacent tooth, atypical facial pain, or fracture of the alveolar bone.

One of the most important aspects of a tooth extraction is knowing what the indications and contraindications of the procedure are. A dental extraction is indicated:

01. Teeth with advanced decay
02. Pulp injury
03. Root fragments
04. Fractured teeth
05. Advanced periodontal disease
06. Temporarily retained teeth
07. Supernumerary tooth
08. Impacted teeth
09. Malpositioned teeth
10. Trauma
11. Cysts
12. Congenital deformities

Indications of other specializations, such as orthodontic treatment, cosmetic treatment or prosthodontic treatment must be realized as well. Any surgical treatment has several contraindications. One of the most important and noticed is malaise. Pregnant women should not have a tooth extraction either unless it is absolutely necessary. After chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is crucial to wait six months to have a dental extraction. Contact Fox River Periodontics to learn more.

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