Keep the Plumbing Flowing Freely Using a Plumber in San Diego

People tend to call for a Plumber in San Diego whenever there is a leak in the home. This is because water leaks can cause a lot of damage and can often get out of control. Once water soaks into drywall, wood or certain other building materials, they begin to disintegrate and will eventually need to be replaced. Repairs of these natures are often very expensive and usually take much longer to finish than anyone expects. On the other hand, installing and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are often the job of choice for many plumbers.

One of the most common reasons that people contact a Plumber in San Diego is to eliminate a leak. Some leaks are easy to locate such as those from a faulty faucet, but others may be difficult to find because they are hidden in a wall or under a floor. In fact, some hidden leaks aren’t found until the homeowner notices an increase in water usage on the utility bill.

To locate certain hidden leaks, the plumber will utilize a specific tool that uses acoustics to find the problem. This may sound odd, but water leaking or streaming from a pipe makes specific sounds. A high pitched stream is caused by a pin sized hole and the pressure that pushes the water through the pipe. This type of leak is often heard because of the sounds that are made when the water contacts other material. Low pressure leaks tend to be found by the constant drip as the water falls from the pipe.

Another common problem faced by plumbers is clogs in the drains or sewer pipes. A clog can occur for a variety of reasons such as food or hair in the P-traps or blockages in the main sewage pipe. The first situation is fixed by removing the traps and cleaning out any gunk that builds up there. The latter situation can be a lot worse to deal with because the things that block the sewer pipe can vary. For instance, a crack in the pipe could allow roots to reduce the flow of water. View website for more info.

To eliminate a sewage blockage, the plumber must first examine the interior of the pipe. This is done with a video snake which lets the contractor see any damage. If the problem is simple, then the plumber can eliminate it with a rooter. To learn more, contact Workright Plumbing.

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