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Essential Features In A Vertical Packaging Machine

On any assembly line or production line, efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy are going to be important in your packaging equipment. For reliability in a vertical packaging machine, there are several features that need to be considered to allow the correct equipment for the job.

With the vertical orientation of the bagging system in the machine, it is possible to fill bags of the recommended sizes with both solids and liquids. Having this versatility in the configuration of the system and the types of materials the bagging machines will handle means you can use the same equipment throughout the facility. This, in turn, makes maintenance and repair easier as there is only one basic machine for in-house maintenance and technical staff to deal with.

Bagging Capacity

As can be expected, manufacturers of vertical packaging machine systems offer a range of different sized equipment to suit various needs. It will be important to know the range of sizes of bags and film required on any specific packaging line to choose the right equipment.

For a processing facility producing multiple types of dry or wet packaged items, choosing a machine that has the widest range in bag width and bag length as well as the largest maximum film width may be a critical and deciding factor.

Most of the new designs in vertical baggers will be able to bag using all standard types of packaging. It will be important to check with the manufacturer to verify this if you use zippered, stand-up, four-sealed, gusseted or pillow types of bags interchangeably on the line.

Auto Functions and Controls

The more automatic features that the vertical packaging machine offers, the more efficient the machine will operate. Some of the key factors to look for include auto positioning belts, film detection and centering film spindle. With these features in place, the machine automatically adjusts to the product coming into the bagging unit, eliminating the need for manual adjustments that can slow down the line.

Controls should be easy and intuitive to use and integrate with the current control system. For immediate adjustments there should be a color touch screen display that can be configured to the specifics of each adjustment, limiting operator error or mistakes.

Finally, check the actual construction and material used in the vertical packaging machine. Stainless steel construction allows full wash down capabilities and also meets the industry regulations in food processing facilities.

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