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Ensuring that your Business Broker is the Best Person for the Job

Buying a business can be a tricky process for an inexperienced individual. With so many different aspects to consider and perhaps even more protocols that need to be followed, it is certainly a task that should be left to professionals.
As such, we aim to enlighten you on how to choose the best business brokers in Seattle, to ensure the most convenient, seamless and beneficial acquisition possible with the following advice.

Find a Broker who will go Above and Beyond the Typical Duties
While the typical role of a broker will be to cater to necessary administration, draft the acquisition documents and supervise the entire process, a top quality broker will actually prepare the business for a seamless and agreeable acquisition.

This includes keeping key customers on board by involving loyal members of the company who will be staying after acquisition. By doing so, they make the entire process smoother, and ensure that the important clients don’t leave when the previous owner does. Because, as Brian Knoderer shares in an article featured on Fit Small Business, you don’t want to acquire an already developed business, only to have to source an entire new client base.

Great Questions that Let You Know You’re Working with a Professional
While some of these questions may be obvious, it’s easy to forget even some of the simplest ones – which could cost you in time and money better spent with a professional. So be sure to memorize these questions, as shared by All Business Online Magazine, so as to ensure that the brokers whom you’re dealing with are truly the best people for the job.

  • Where and when did you get certified?
  • Do you have references who I can contact?
  • Do you broker full-time or is it a part-time job?
  • How many similar businesses have you sold over the past two years?
  • How long do you expect the sales process to take?
  • Will you assist with all aspects of the sales case?

The quality of the answers to these questions will help you ascertain the quality that you can expect of the services.

If you’re looking to acquire a business, make sure to choose a reliable broker from a reputable firm like KR Brokers who operate under Sunbelt – the world largest business advisors services. Because you can’t afford to have less than the best brokers when you’re dealing with such an important investment.

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