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Enjoy Tighter and More Youthful Looking Skin With a Thermage Treatment

Thermage was introduced about a decade ago. It is continually growing in popularity because of how effective it is at reducing the signs of aging. It uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the growth of collagen in the skin.

Those who decide to use a Thermage treatment in Los Angeles, CA, can expect to see a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, tighter skin, an improved skin texture, and a reduction of skin imperfections. Each treatment is customized to meet the needs of the individual who is having the treatment done.

If you schedule an appointment for a Thermage treatment in Los Angeles, CA, you can expect the treatment to take about an hour if the treatment will be performed on your facial skin. It can take longer if you will have other areas of your skin treated as well.

During the treatment, a specialist will use a handpiece that has a flat tip to deliver radiofrequency energy toward areas of your skin that you would like to improve. You will not feel uncomfortable during the treatment. The handpiece is pressed against your skin lightly. It has a cooling mechanism that protects your skin from burning when the energy is released.

You may notice that your skin looks a little bit red after treatment. This is temporary and will not stop you from returning to normal activities. There are no other side effects that you are likely to experience.

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