Eliminate Sewer Problems Using Roto Rooting in Vermont

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

One of the worst disasters that any home or business owner can deal with is a clogged sewer system. These problems can occur with both septic systems or municipal sewer connections and have a variety of causes. For instance, older sewer pipes can shift as soils move due to expansion or moisture saturation. When these pipes move, there is a chance that the joints can separate and allow roots to grow inside the pipes. Since plants are always seeking moisture, these roots can quickly clog the pipe and block the flow of sewage. The solution in these instances is Roto Rooting in Vermont.

Sewer pipe rooting uses a mechanical tool sometimes referred to as a pipe snake. This tool is made from a flexible cable that easily handles any odd angles in the pipe layout including any turns to align the pipe’s position. The cable has an auger attached to the end that can puncture through tough clogs and eliminate most root problems. However, it is a good idea to have the pipes inspected with a video system to ensure the clogs are completely removed and that no other problems exist.

To begin Roto Rooting in Vermont, the contractor will need to find the best access point. With many newer homes, this access will be through a vent in the line. With older homes or those where the vent isn’t easily found, the access point will be the toilet closest to the sewer pipe. In the latter case, the contractor will need to remove the toilet to properly insert the rooting tool. The process is often much simpler than it sounds, but it can be a little messy.

If your drainage problems occur rather often, then rooting the pipes may be the best choice for repairing them. However, it is important to understand why the clog occurred. The most common reason for sewer pipe clogging is a buildup of residue on the pipe walls. Sewer lines are low flow systems, and when the water isn’t moving much, the sludge can stick to the pipe walls. For this type of problem, you might consider having the pipes cleaned. To learn more about sewer repairs contact the experts at Bundy’s Sewer and Drain Service.

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