Clogged Toilet – Need Plumbing Services In Omaha, NE

A dripping faucet may be a nuisance, but it’s nothing compared to the mess of a clogged toilet. If flushing the toilet only swirls the water around, or worse, sends the water over the top of the rim and onto the bathroom floor, and plunging doesn’t help, you’ll need the assistance of a plumber, such as Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha NE. The plumber will have the tools necessary to determine what the problem is and clear out any clog you may have to cause your toilet to overflow. If the clog somewhere between the toilet and the sewer or septic line, the plumber will send an auger, or snake, down the drain to determine where the obstruction is located. Once he finds it, he may either pull it out or push it through to allow the water to flow freely again.

If children are in the home, you may be surprised to find the culprit of the clog is a toy truck or doll head pulled up from the depths of the drain. Though flushable wipes have been popular for a few years, plumbers are used to pulling an accumulation of cleansing wipes out of the sewer line. Though they are supposed to flush, when used in abundance, they tend to bunch up and get caught. The same situation has been known to occur with feminine hygiene products. Though many are advertised as safe to flush, they tend to sometimes get caught in the lines, causing the basis of a clog. It’s always recommended to avoid flushing these products and instead wrap them up and dispose of them in a waste receptacle to avoid problems in the future. Grease, though not flushed, but instead poured down the kitchen sink, causes many the need to call for Plumbing Services in Omaha NE. When liquid grease comes into contact with the cool sewer lines, it tends to congeal. This can cause a solid obstruction that will allow nothing to pass, without the aid of a plumber and the auger.

Be careful what you flush and pour down the drain. Though it goes down and may be out of sight, it may not be gone forever. From kid’s toys to french fry grease, you never know what your plumber will find when your toilet is clogged. When it doubt, throw it out, don’t risk a clog.

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