Earn Extra Money By Recycling All Your NJ Scrap

If you want to help keep the earth green and earn some extra money at the same time, then recycle all your NJ scrap. Some companies are even certified by the EAP and NJ DEP to accept and haul computer and electronic NJ Scrap. This electronic scrap includes:

Cell phones

CPU servers and towers

Testing equipment

Laptop computers

Hubs and routers

Power supplies and disc drives

Some NJ Scrap dealers even helped after Hurricane Sandy devastated the NJ coast. Not only did they donate free dumpster to help with clean-up, but they also increased their payouts for scrap and donated to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. A recycling center that is family run may tend to give back to the community in which their business resides. Some other centers may participated in a drive known as the Cans for Cancer fundraiser. To assist in raising money, they drop off a roll off dumpster, free of charge, and after it is full come back to pick it up it, weight it, and donate 100 percent of the value to this great cause. So if you can’t afford to give back to the community yourself looking for companies that do can help you feel like you are helping too.

What to recycle

So if your looking to make some extra money recycle all of your NJ Scrap and keep our environment green. Searching other people’s trash is a good way to find scrap without even putting out a penny out of your pocket. here are some things to keep an eye for ferrous, nonferrous metals, and computer scrap. Ferrous metals include such materials as:


Hot water heaters


Sheet metal


Metal studs

Car parts

Cast iron

Duct work

Car parts

Steel cans

Nonferrous metals include:

Numerous different types of copper

Aluminum cans

Vehicle radiators and other miscellaneous auto parts

Aluminum/steel BX cable

Stainless steel


Electric motors

Aluminum including extruded, cast, and irony




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