Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Cartersville, GA After A Boating Accident

A Personal Injury Attorney in Cartersville, GA can provide legal representation for accident victims. All accident victims who were not at fault according to the accident report have the legal right to file a lawsuit for compensation. If the individual who is at fault refuses to or fails to provide medical coverage for injuries and compensation for property damage, an attorney can file this lawsuit on behalf of the injured individuals. If you were a victim and did not receive compensation, you should contact your preferred attorney at once.

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents have a high probability of significant if not fatal injuries. If you were injured during a boating accident or lost a loved one due to such an accident you have legal rights for which your attorney will fight in court. You will need to acquire a copy of the accident report, if you do not already possess this document. It will provide verified proof of who is at fault in this accident. You need copies of all medical records or death certificate if you lost a loved one. The gathered documentation will provide your attorney with adequate evidentiary support for your claim.

Was Alcohol Involved?

Any boating accident in which alcohol was involved may incur criminal charges for the individual who caused the accident. If this is the case, you still have the option to file a lawsuit for compensation. However, the criminal proceedings will more than likely take precedent over your lawsuit initially. If the accident resulted in the death of your loved one, you may file a wrongful-death claim. Within this claim you will receive compensation to cover funeral expenses and any medical treatment he or she received. You should discuss these matters and the circumstances of the accident with your preferred lawyer.

Hait, Eichelzer, and Kuhn Law Office

Hait, Eichelzer and Kuhn are personal injury attorneys that provide legal representation for you in the event that you were injured in an accident. These attorneys will guide you through court proceedings and advise you of your legal rights. Feel free to contact them at their local office, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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