Do You Have a Customer Counter? You Should!

Many businesses are already taking advantage of having a reliable customer counter and you can too. Unfortunately, some businesses make the mistake of relying solely on sales to determine a customer count. This can be a critical mistake.

The Problem with Using Sales

Using sales as your customer counter is flawed. Of course, you can get an idea of how many people bought something, but you cannot get an accurate count of how many customers entered the store or:

  • How much time they spent in the store
  • Where they shopped around
  • How many people passed your store
  • How many people walked in and bought nothing
  • Where people are lingering in the store
  • Which is the best place for product placement
  • And more

Using sales times to count customers is only giving you part of the story, and frankly, it is not the information you need to improve things like marketing, employee scheduling, product placement and more.

The Value of Information

One of the things you need to determine to improve business is not only the sales you are making but what people are doing while they are in the store. What time are people walking into the store? How much time are they spending in your store? This information is critical because this tells you how many sales you are losing and potentially can tell you why. Knowing where people are lingering in your store, can help you to improve product placement, schedule sale times and days and more.

Take Advantage

Improving sales starts with having the information you need to plan and execute a wide range of business activities. More knowledge about your customer’s behavior gives you an advantage. It is a tool that every business needs to make informed decisions.

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