DIY Tips For Custom Sandblasting in Houston, TX

When installing glass in a residence, one of the biggest thrills can be making the glass truly unique. This can be done by a do-it-yourselfer using a method known as custom sandblasting in Houston TX. Here are the steps to make that glass look 100% original.

Determine The Pattern

The first step in customizing the residential glass is to figure out what pattern or design will be used. It can be hand-drawn or a pre-made design, it is completely up to the user to make that determination. If the design will be hand-drawn, proceed to do this directly on the stencil paper. If the design is from a stock supply, it can be printed on the stencil paper using any common computer software and printer.

Setting The Design

Once the design has been placed on the stencil paper, it will need to be cut out, so the sand particles are able to etch the design in the glass. This can be done by using a utility knife. After it has been cut out, carefully remove the backing and place it directly on the glass. Some people prefer to use a squeegee to smooth out the stencil and get rid of air bubbles, but this can always be done by hand as well. Place masking tape, in thick strips, around the borders of the stencil to ensure that the custom sandblasting in Houston TX does not affect the surrounding glass.

Ready, Set, Go

Take the hand-held sandblaster and move it slowly over the cut out areas of the stencil. Try to maintain the same amount of blasting over each cut out piece so that the design is even. Most sandblasting experts recommend using a setting of 30 psi to do the work. After the sandblasting is completed, carefully remove the masking tape and the stencil and set them to the side. It is now time to enjoy the beautiful custom design made.

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