Customized Wooden Swing Sets in Marietta: A Fun Way to Encourage Active Play

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Outdoor Swigs Supplier

Childhood is not complete without a great backyard swing set. This basic play area is the perfect way to encourage children to ignore their electronic devices and get some fresh air. Outdoor play helps encourage neighborhood children to socialize and prevents the cries of boredom on weekends and during summer vacation. There are many types of play areas to choose from, but the most durable and lasting sets are those that are constructed of wood.

Customized Wooden Swing Sets in Marietta are exciting because they are always more than just a simple swing. The designs include structures that can be anything the child can imagine. They are playhouses, forts, castles or tree houses. With a custom design, it is possible to build a swing set around features like trees or other items in the yard and incorporate them into the design. Multi-level houses and platforms and additions like slides and climbing walls are also available.

Every child has their own fantasies they want to play out and Customized Wooden Swing Sets in Marietta offer the base for all of their adventures. Whether they are a pirate on the open seas or a knight protecting the castle, the design of their play area will contribute greatly to how elaborate their imagined world can become. The sets are large enough for several children to enjoy at once, so they are perfect for large families, neighborhood playgrounds or daycare centers too. Of course, every child would be happy to have a luxurious playset just for themselves as well.

Wood is an excellent material choice because it is strong and durable and when properly sealed it will withstand the elements for many years. The appearance of the sets are appealing and modern, but still rustic and charming enough to blend in with the natural surroundings of the yard. All wood is pressure treated and sealed to protect it from moisture and to prevent splinters during playtime. The company will happily send a representative to review any yard and help to design a swing set around its unique features.

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