Common Problems With Garage Doors

When talking about a Garage Door Opener in St Louis MO, people are not referring to the remote that engages the door, but the motor that actually does the work. These units are fairly low maintenance, but they can break down or need to be replaced, just like any other mechanical part. Here is what every homeowner should know if an opener begins to act up at their home.

First, there is a lot that can go wrong with a garage door. If it is not opening or is only partially coming open, the malfunction may be occurring somewhere else, not necessarily in the opener. Common problems include springs, cables and pulleys coming loose or breaking, bends in the tracks or debris blocking the track.

A careful visual inspection of all the door components should be performed before purchasing a new opener. Another concern is whether or not the remote itself is working properly. The best way to deduce this is to test the wall switch itself to see if the door works this way. It seems simple, but many people use only their remotes to open and close their doors, forgetting about the switch when a problem arises.

Replacing a Garage Door Opener in St Louis MO is not always necessary, even if the problem is finally discovered to be with the opener. Often it is possible to repair the problem, something that should be done by a professional if the homeowner does not have an adequate amount of experience with electric motors. A repair professional may be able to troubleshoot the opener and provide a repair quote without even needing to look at the opener because there are common issues that arise with openers.

If the problem is not something that is easy to fix, replacement may be the only option. This process can typically be done in a short period of time and with very little mess or inconvenience to the homeowner. This is a good time to consider having the remaining mechanical parts of the door inspected, cleaned and potentially replaced if needed. To learn more or to obtain an estimate for repair, visit the website today.

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