Corrosive Resistant ECTFE

The commercial manufacturing of Ethyelene Chlorotrifluoroethylene was developed in 1970. Today it is marketed and sold under the trademark Halar®. A polymeric compound, ectfe is used by many commercial manufacturing industries that work with materials that can degrade due to corrosion. In addition to being corrosion resistant, ECTFE is also resistant to abrasion, graffiti, noise, wear, fire, water, high temperature, and galling to mention just a few. It truly is a super polymer coating compound for continued use in the 21st Century.

Super Polymeric Compound
Corrosion occurs as an electrochemical process when the metal is espoused by environmental elements such as acid, water, salt, or others. The result is oxidation leading to the degradation of the metal component. There are thousands of metal parts, valves, pipes that benefit from ECTFE to protect against oxidation and ultimate degradation. Halar® is an electrical insulator, weldable, machineable, UV resistant compound that has many commercial uses.

 * “Clean Room” Air Duct Lining
 * Bleaching Towers for Paper Mills
 * Chemical Storage Tanks and Pipes
 * Hazard Materials Transport
 * Medical Hazardous Materials

A Consistently Reliable Smooth Surface
Halar® not only has industrial uses, such as coating and lining surfaces, but as a solid can be produced using injection and blow molding, and for extrusions. Other applications include thermal film coating or metalizing, using electrostatic powder coatings. Thermal coating is a generic process for transforming ECTFE into a smooth, uniform, protective coating. There are no resulting divots or holes that would break down the polymer over time. Halar® is a superior anti-corrosion product that has a positive impact on many commercial industries.

 * Automotive
 * Aerospace
 * Chemical Manufacturing
 * Cabling
 * Transportation
 * Oil and Gas Refinery
 * Electric Power
 * Boating
 * Plumbing
 * Nuclear

ECTFE Applications that Reduce Noise
With noise and friction reducing properties, Halar® dry film coating shows up in many machined parts for the automotive industry. It’s sold any many different forms, rods, sheets, bar and non-woven roll goods. There are just as many application processes as well. Consider taking the time to speak with a licensed professional to determine the best form and intended outcome you require. A professional can engineer an ECTFE coating that meets your company’s specifications. Take the guesswork out of engineering this super polymeric compound and work with a coating manufacturer.

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