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Cleaner Water – Cheaper – with Home Filtration

Why don’t more people drink water? It’s wonderful for your entire body, flushes your systems of toxins, can keep you satisfied longer between meals, and is even great for your brain. It really should be more popular for all of those reasons, but even more so because it’s the cheapest drink you can buy. Well, it can be, if you know how to come by it.

Clean Water Costs a Lot – But It Doesn’t Have To

Bottled water is one of the biggest unnecessary expenses Americans shoulder every year. Don’t believe that? Think of it this way: It costs less than fifty cents to fill the average water bottle with municipally-sourced drinking water once every day. By comparison, buying a bottle of drinking water usually costs around a dollar or more per bottle – much more when you purchase that bottle in a convenience setting.

To save big on your clean water, filter it at home. You stand to save major cash by investing once in a filtration system and occasionally in the materials to keep it up. Even when you regularly purchase filtration supplies – like filter cartridges, etc. – you will still see major savings over buying bottled water every day. Plus, you’ll do your part to keep tons of plastic out of trash cans, waterways, and landfills around the world.

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Skipping Luxury

You don’t have to pare your home down to basics to be more conscious of the planet and your wallet. With beautiful and efficient John Guest fittings, your local water filtration retailer can help you build a functional system for getting clean, healthy water at home, without sacrificing the beauty of your home. For John Guest fittings, the latest in water filtration technology and much more, contact your filtration retailer today. Your wallet, your family, and the entire planet will be glad you did!

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