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Choose the Right Apartment Size and Roommates in West Lafayette

Part of the fun of moving out of your parent’s home and getting your first university apartment is having the space to hang out with new people. You may choose to live on your own or may choose to get roommates. If you get roommates, make sure that the Purdue student housing in West Lafayette is big enough so that all of you have enough space to live.

It’s important to choose the right Purdue student housing in West Lafayette. However, if you are going to have roommates, it is equally important to finding roommates who will enhance your quality of life. One of the first discussions you should have with potential roommates is the budget. How much can they afford? This discussion would include determining how things like utilities, groceries, and other expenses will be divided.

If everyone is bringing furniture, it would be good to discuss who has what furniture and how the furniture will be arranged. You want your roommates to be reliable. It’s good to have fun roommates, but if they can never pay the rent or if they are constantly making the place dirty, what’s the point of having them? You need roommates who you can have an open conversation with. You want someone who you can talk to and discuss issues if they arise. Nothing can ruin a university experience like having a nightmare individual as a roommate.

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