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About Invisalign Straightening For Your Teeth

If you have any teeth that need straightening or re-aligning, you may want to investigate the benefits of Invisalign in Park Ridge. Maybe you need braces but you do not want to have the noticeable metal parts of braces on your teeth. Maybe you live an active lifestyle and you are concerned about how braces or Invisalign will support your lifestyle. Some of the great advantages of choosing Invisalign are that it does work much the same as braces to give you straight teeth; however, it does not interrupt your daily activity.

Invisalign is also commonly referred to as “invisible braces,” by dentists because of their similarity to braces and yet their completely unique appearance. The invisible braces are completely transparent so that someone else would have to look very hard and up close in order to detect the presence of the Invisalign braces on your teeth. The invisible braces fit over your teeth like a mouth guard or a thin transparent mold, because it is molded to fit your teeth exactly. The exact fit is also what helps to disguise their appearance against your teeth. They are just as sturdy and durable as braces, however. They are typically worn consistently over a period of six to twelve months to gradually realign your teeth into straighter and neater positions.

Another great benefit of Invisalign braces is that because of the way they are made, they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Because they are a transparent mold for your teeth, they do not require any wires or bands to hold them in place. You may have heard people complain about dealing with the metal parts in their mouths while wearing braces. They can be somewhat uncomfortable when they scrape the inside of y our mouth or trap food particles. Treatments with Invisalign in Park Ridge dentists can offer you will completely eliminate the discomfort of having to wear braces.

Finally, another advantage you will enjoy when using Invisalign is the ultimate convenience. Many people who wear traditional braces have been limited to what types of food they can eat, because of the way certain foods can become trapped or even damage the braces. With Invisalign, you will barely notice a change in your normal routines. They are comfortable and hardly noticeable during any activity, and for eating your favorite foods, all you need to do is remove the Invisalign braces while you eat and replace them after.

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