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Central Park West Condos for Sale-Welcome Home

While return on investment should not be your only deciding factor when you are looking to central park west condos for sale, it certainly is difficult to ignore the fact that there will be a nice return someday. Neighborhoods in the city are either designated as established, up and coming, prime or super prime. In the case of central park west the designation super prime is accurate.

Location Always Matters

Where you live in the city is more than “what you can do in the city”. The location is as important as the condo itself. Central park west has always been and will always be an area of Manhattan where you find the best schools, restaurants, shops and more. It has a very neighborly vibe to it and almost feels like it is outside of Manhattan of course you also have:

  • Some iconic eateries
  • Rich culture everywhere
  • A ridiculously large park (central park with its 845 acres)
  • Plenty to do and see
  • Plenty of celebrity neighbors

If location is the driving force behind your home search that the west side is the place you should be looking. It truly offers it all. From the famous Macy Day Parade flotilla of balloons passing right in front of your windows to an amazing view of Central park, CPW is the place to live!

The Return on Investment

The fact is you cannot ignore the idea that someday you may want to pack it all in and move permanently to the Hamptons and open that farm stand you always talk about. The real estate on central park west is considered some of the most desirable locations in the city and the cost always seems to rise nicely which makes it more important than ever to buy central park west condos for sale as they become available. These jewels are coveted by buyers looking for a great building in the best location. Selling is never a problem.

Find Your New Home

If you are looking for a home in the city, consider the value of the property on central park west. It is the ideal place to raise a family and to enjoy the lifestyle you image in the city. 360 Central Park West is currently offering condos for sale, but you need to move quickly because they will not be on the market for long. Finding home as never been easier than looking to 360 CPW.

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