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Different Types Of Fluid Collection Bags

In the medical field, as well as in research and testing, there is an increasing demand for cost effective and durable fluid collection bags. These bags can be reusable or they can be designed to be single-use pouches, this really depends on the specific application.

There are many different uses of these types of plastic collection bags. They are used in surgical theaters, in surgery specimen collection, for drainage bags post-surgery as well as for ostomy, nephrostomy and colostomy bags that patients will use on their own. As such, they have to be designed to safely collect and hold the fluid, standing up to typical use without failure or leaking.

Issues to Consider

With different types of fluid collection bags, there will be different importance on various aspects of the bag. They will all need to be constructed to minimize any chance of breakage even with patient use in a home environment. At the same time, the bags have to be easy to use, clearly marked to be able to record volumes of fluid collected as well as designed for safe disposal according to biohazard and medical waste requirements.

The specific material that the bag will be made of is always one of the critical factors. This can include Class VI medical grade vinyl, DEHP free vinyl or latex free vinyl. Latex free vinyl is becoming increasingly common in medical applications to prevent any possible reaction by patients.

Additionally, some bags will also need to be chemical resistant, puncture resistant as well as antimicrobial and mildew resistant. This is particularly important for any type of medical bags or devices that be multiple-use items.


As with any type of medical supplies or equipment, the cost of the fluid collection bags is going to be a factor in the market. Working with a custom manufacturer with experience in specific design support and manufacturing will be essential to ensure the bag is superior in quality and produced within a specific cost range.

Knowing the medical equipment manufacturing requirements as well as the types of materials and fabrication methods that are appropriate for the end use of the bag will allow the manufacturer to make the best recommendations.

Some companies that provide medical fluid bag manufacturing also provide secondary manufacturing capabilities. This will allow tubes and devices to be installed with the bag, assisting with logistics in production and helping to save costs overall on the full manufacturing process.

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