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Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate – Features and Industry Applications

Crucial, high-grade equipment applications can utilize cast aluminum tooling plate effectively. This plate is highly useful for machining operations because of its plate thickness and smooth surface characteristics. Various industrial services can be applied to this plate, including powder coating, welding, painting, and anodizing to meet the specific specifications of a project. You can get the aluminum plate in custom and stock supplies from an experienced precision metal supplier.

Features of Tooling Plate Made from Cast Aluminum
This type of jig plate possesses a machined surface for exceptional flatness, PVC plastic protection on each side, and a thickness tolerance of +/- .005. An experienced precision metal companies stock may include both Alcoa’s Mic 6® and PCP’s ALCA 5® cast plate. They will also come with nominal service and certified mill test reports.

Often the cast aluminum tooling plate described is offered in dimensions of 48.5” and 60.5” wide x 144.5”. Based on your requirements, sizes may be available up to 96” x 288” for extra wide plate applications. Suppliers can also deliver this plate in a number of metric thicknesses including 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 6 for Mic-6® plate.

Seasoned precision metal suppliers that supply aluminum products should be able to provide you with cast aluminum jig and plate and custom thicknesses, widths, and lengths with only a few weeks lead time for minimum runs in the range of 2000#.

Industry Applications
There are numerous industry applications that are highly useful for cast aluminum tooling plate. These include: electronics, CNC routing tables, robotics, chip printers, printing machinery, aircraft tooling, vacuum chucks, food machinery, packaging materials, and automotive tooling.

A premier supplier of aluminum products can deliver the product solutions customers require in a number of different industries, including aerospace, hydraulic, pneumatic, and machinery manufacturing. Such a provider may also provide aluminum product solutions for the paper production and packing industries. You can also rely on this type of supplier to deliver extruded aluminum shapes along with exceptional saw finishing capabilities.

An experienced cast aluminum plate supplier can provide you with a broad selection of aluminum stock and extrusion options. To obtain the tooling plates you need in cast aluminum contact an experienced precision metal supplier today.

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