Buffet Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

If you are planning a wedding in New York, you may be trying to decide what to serve at the reception. While many couples opt for a sit-down meal served course-by-course by waiters, others choose a buffet style dinner. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. A sit-down dinner is more formal, which may appeal to you, or it may not fit your wedding style. Formal dinners mean that no one is waiting in a long line to get their food, but it also means that no one gets seconds, and you have to make sure that there are enough plates for everyone. With formal dinners, you do have to budget for a full wait staff. Some people prefer the fun of a buffet, as it gives your guests more options and allows you to play around with unique hors d’ouevres.  Plus, a buffet table makes a great place to display wedding ice sculptures by NYC ice sculpture companies.

If you have decided on a buffet, the possibilities are endless. Hors d’ouevres buffets offer the most room for creativity. Consider some of these options:

*  Mini beef, chicken, shrimp, or veggie kabobs
*  Pot stickers
Hummus and Mediterranean salads
*  Caprese skewers
*  Smoked salmon
*  Phyllo dough pockets
*  Brie en croute
Gourmet cheeses
Shrimp Cocktail
*  Sushi

These last two options are great if you really want to play up your wedding ice sculptures in NYC. Ice sculptors can create unique crystalline sushi boats, bridges and gondolas, as well as tiered shrimp baskets.

In recent years restaurants have spread the mini food trend with sliders and “shooters” (food served in small shot glasses) all the rage in the dining and entertainment scene. Don’t be afraid to embrace this trend with a mini-food buffet at your wedding. Ideas for mini foods include:

*  Sliders
*  Mini Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
*  French fry shooters with ketchup
*  Shrimp cocktail shooters with cocktail sauce
Crudite shooters with veggies and dip
Mini quiches
*  Mini chicken pot pies
*  Mini sandwiches balanced atop mini soup cups

Another recent trend is to include a candy buffet at your wedding. With different varieties of candy custom-ordered to match your wedding colors, a candy buffet makes a beautiful yet edible display in the reception. Plus, it is another great place to display wedding ice sculptures in NYC.

With so many options for reception food, you may need to have several tables to accommodate it all. And with the money you save from hiring a wait staff, you can get several wedding ice sculptures from your NYC ice artist to adorn each one.

if you are interested in choosing the most unique wedding ice sculpture for your wedding. Consider the overall theme of your wedding. For more details, visit the website.


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