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Safety Tips for Using Your Medical Device and Equipment

When you need medical device and equipment to help you through your everyday life or if you live with someone who needs them, it’s important to keep them working properly. If you don’t treat the medical equipment with respect or if you are simply careless, it could end up doing more harm than good. Here are some safety tips you can use to make sure your medical devices and equipment provide the most benefits for those who use them.

Examine the Equipment Carefully
Before you use any medical device for the first time, you should examine it closely. If it’s an electrical device, make sure the cords, connections and wires are tight and intact. The cords and connections should not have any visible damage to them. The medical device and equipment itself should not have any damage, such as dents or punctures. Also, if the equipment comes in a sealed package, make sure there are not any tears or cracks in the packaging. Medical equipment and supplies should come to you in sterile packaging and if there are any imperfections in the packaging, it could compromise its sterility.

Proper Operating Procedure
Before you try to use any medical device and equipment, it’s essential that you know how to use them properly. Don’t try to use them before reading the instruction manual and familiarizing yourself with the different uses and parts. If there aren’t any instructions that come with the device, you should seek a qualified person’s advice that is familiar with the use of this type of medical equipment. Regardless of the type of equipment, make sure you’re comfortable with using it so you don’t cause damage to the device or injure yourself through misuse.

Know the Risks and Hazards
There are some things that can cause additional hazards and risks with certain types of medical equipment. For instance, do you know what can happen if someone lights a match or smokes in close proximity to an oxygen tank? Always know what dangers the medical equipment and device can pose to your safety before you use it so you don’t cause any injuries or problems for yourself or anyone else.

Always Sterilize
Sterilization is one of the most important procedures when using medical equipment. If you are administering care to a patient, you should make sure the medical equipment and supplies are sterilized completely. There should also be proper disposal techniques used, including a biohazard container for syringes, tubing and other used equipment that can contain blood, urine and other bodily fluids.

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