Benefits to Using Bark in Tacoma

Mulch is any substance put over the soil’s surface to improve the health and appearance of your garden bed. There are various kinds of mulch, and bark is one of the most useful. As the name suggests, the bark is made from tree bark broken into fine, medium, and big bits.

If you are considering using bark in Tacoma, here is a look at some of the benefits that this type of mulch provides.

Reduces Weed Growth

Weed growth is inhibited by bark mulch. As the weather warms up in the spring, a layer of bark chippings on the soil surrounding plants and shrubs will block sunlight from reaching the seeds and little shoots that grow as weeds begin to emerge. The fewer weeds you have growing, the less time you have to spend outside pulling them.

Helps Conserve Water

When it comes to watering during hot weather, bark chippings save you time on this tedious chore. This is because bark in Tacoma forms a layer above the soil that allows water to permeate to the ground below while simultaneously reducing evaporation from the soil’s top, allowing more moisture to be retained.

The bark chippings also act as insulation over the soil during extremely cold weather, protecting plant roots from frost and ice damage.

Decorative and Useful

Not only does bark provide a decorative look to your flower beds, but it is also useful for the soil. Bark adds organic matter to your soil because it decomposes over time. The more organic matter added to your soil, the better it is; plus, it attracts earthworms that also help improve your soil.

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