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3 Ways to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Gold Coast Home

A bed bug infestation is a common experience, but it’s one that can be eliminated through routine bed bugs treatment in Gold Coast. The problem is that most people don’t recognize that they have a bed bug infestation until it becomes extreme. By familiarizing yourself with the signs that these types of pests leave behind, you’ll be able to recognize an infestation sooner.

Blood Stained Sheets

The easiest way to find out if you have bed bugs is by looking at your bedding. In particular, you can identify your need for pest control by looking at the corners of your sheets. After biting a sleeper, bed bugs will scurry away and leave blood droppings as they crawl over the sides of the mattress. Look for rust-colored spots.

Look For Nesting

At night, bed bugs will climb onto the mattress to bite and feed on a sleeping person. During the day, they hide in their nests, which are usually located in dark corners or behind nightstands or dressers. If you find a corner with excrement, insect shells, eggs, or blood droppings, you should immediately schedule bed bugs treatment in Gold Coast.

Take Note of Musty Odors

If there’s a strong, musty smell in your bedroom, you’ll likely have to call a pest control company. The odor is emitted from the scent glands of the bed bugs. As more bed bugs infest an area, the odor will grow stronger.

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