The importance of fire protection services

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Fire and Security

In any building it is of utmost importance that commercial fire protection services in NJ are properly installed, maintained, repaired and inspected. Fire protection in a commercial structure is considered to be active, they can be activated automatically or manually but for them to function there must be an action of some sort. A good example of an automatic service would be a fire sprinkler system while an example of a manual service might be activating a fire alarm. Regardless of how they are activated, they are without a doubt the most important component when it comes to saving lives and protecting property.

The thing that is shared by all fire protection services is the fact that there must be an action of some sort for them to operate. Most of the actions are automatic and require no human intervention; the actions include slowing the progress of the blaze, extinguishing it or notifying occupants and authorities of the presence of smoke and fire. Passive fire protection is quite different, passive protection includes such things as the use of fire resistant or fire retarding materials, the installation of fire walls and doors, etc. These do not take any action nor do they fight the fire but between the two; active and passive, they fare a formidable defense against fire.

Perhaps the most important of all commercial fire protection services in NJ is an automatic sprinkler system. These systems are designed to sense the build-up of heat, when the temperature reaches a pre-determined level a glass bulb in the sprinkler head breaks, this results in a spray of water which controls the fire. As unwanted water can damage or destroy the building contents these systems are designed so that only the sprinkler heads in close proximity to the fire are activated.

Active protection includes fire detection and fire alarm systems. Whereas the sprinkler system fights a fire, detection and alarms are important as they ensure a rapid response of the closest fire department and provide ample warning for the building occupants to leave. The most basic detection and alarm systems work in-house only, they are located in strategic places throughout the building and in the event they detect smoke or fire they use an alarm system to warn the occupants. The most sophisticated detection and alarm systems not only warn the occupants, they also notify fire personnel. A fully automatic system is important as fires can just as easily start when the building is unoccupied as they can when people are at work.

Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. provides a number of commercial fire protection services in NJ including sprinkler installation, sprinkler inspection, fire pump inspection and fire hydrant inspection.

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