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Be Sure that the Family Pet Gets Proper Pet Care in Alexandria VA

No matter what type of pet is brought into a family, it’s important that they get the best pet care in Alexandria VA as possible. Part of ensuring that pets get this care, is knowing when it’s time to call the vet to get the animal seen by a professional. It’s also important to provide pets with routine care throughout their lives. This preventive care helps ensure a long, healthy, and happy life. Vets, such as those at, will work closely with pet owners to make sure their animals receive the best pet care in Alexandria VA, anytime they need it.

Young animals need plenty of preventative care. It’s important that young pets, such as, puppies, and kittens receive vaccinations, along with preventive care such as worming. Worms are quite common in puppies and kittens, this doesn’t happen only to animals that are dirty, or kept outside, it’s common in all little ones, the best thing to do is have them wormed at the vets.

Parvo is a devastating disease that many times results in the death of a young pup. The good news is that it’s preventable. Be sure to bring your dog in for it’s vaccinations in order to prevent this horrible condition. Until the animal can be vaccinated, use caution when he or she is taken out. Parvo is often picked up from the waste of an infected dog.

As animals age various issues can pop up. Some, such as difficulty breathing should be considered an emergency. Bring the animal to your vet right away if this occurs. If there’s a chance the animals is choking on a foreign object, you may want to try clearing the obstruction first. Call the vet for instructions.

If an animal that is normally a good eater has stopped eating, this is cause for concern. Give the animal a day to resume, and if this doesn’t happen, a call to the vet is needed. Even more crucial to the animals immediate well being is water, if the animal refuses to drink as well the issue is more urgent.

Working with the vet is the best way to ensure that pets stay healthy. When you take pets in for regular care, the vet and staff get to know the animal which helps them to better diagnose critical issues.

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