Awesome Fundraising Ideas for your School Events

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Business

From the football team to the drama club every team gets behind the idea of fundraising in a small school. Not only does fundraising help with getting things for the school to use, it also helps with field trips, dances, and other fun things that the kids in the school like to do. However, though fundraising may be a great way to raise money, it’s not always easy to come up with new and fresh fundraising ideas. Below you will find a few ideas that will put the fun back in fundraising and earn some extra money for the school as well.

Everyone loves a good deal, and entertainment coupon books are great for having fun, and saving money. The books themselves run around $25 a piece, but the possibility to earn much more than that for the school is amazing. If you can get local businesses to donate to the book, that will be even better. Not only will buyers of the books be saving money, they will be buying local as well. Something that is always important in any small town.

A classic car wash is one of the most profitable fundraisers around. All the school has to do is buy the simple supplies that it takes to wash the cars properly, and the rest of the money is strictly 100 percent profit for the school. This is a great fundraiser for teens to get involved in, and they can even show their creativity by making signs up to advertise the car wash itself.

How about having a pizza kit sale? There are quite a few pizza companies out there that will be willing to help with a fundraiser and of course any type of pizza kit will pretty much sell itself. After all, who doesn’t love pizza on occasion right?

There are many, many great ideas out there for school fundraisers that will not only raise money for the school, but keep your young ones busy as well.

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