Automobile Injuries Can Heal Through Non-Invasive Treatment

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Chiropractor

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident and are in pain, relief can be found with the help of auto injury chiropractic treatments Colorado Springs. The body is able to heal itself with the assistance of a trained chiropractor. Pain can be caused from misalignment of the spine or neck. The jolt of an automobile accident can displace the vertebrae throughout the spinal column and irritate the nerves. Discs between the vertebrae can bulge and rub on a nerve. This will cause numbness and pain and deliver a pins and needles feeling in a limb. It can also cause stiffening and muscle spasms to occur.

Treatment through a chiropractor will involve a thorough examination of the strength in the muscles and determination of the area in the spine that is causing the problem. A chiropractor is able to use treatments such as electronic stimulation or ultrasound to increase the blood flow into the area. Blood flow is often restricted to a muscle that is tight or is suffering from a spasm. Ultrasound waves enter deep into the muscle to improve circulation in the area and begin the healing process. The chiropractor will also treat a patient with gentle manipulation of the spine and neck for proper alignment.

Individuals that are suffering from pain and tingling in their limbs or from headaches may benefit from decompression. Decompression treatments gently stretch the spine and neck allowing for the discs to rehydrate in the spinal column. If a disc is bulging and irritating a nerve, this type of treatment can help to return the disc to its original position and dramatically lessen the pain. Treatment through a chiropractor does not involve surgery or the use of any medication. They may, however, recommend dietary changes or exercises to improve your health. They are concerned about a patient’s entire health and not just the area that is creating pain for a patient.

If you want to remove the pain from an automobile accident instead of masking it with pain killers or muscle relaxers, a visit to a chiropractor will help to achieve this goal. For more information on relieving pain, headaches, numbness, tingling and muscle spasms, please visit website for more information.

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