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The Most Common Types Of Swimming Pool Algae To Control

When you have a pool you know how important it is to keep the pool clean. You may have done battle with algae in your pool in the past and want to make sure that the algae don’t come back. When talking about swimming pool algae control there a couple of different kinds that need to be looked at. Here are some basic facts about each of these types of algae so that you know what you are dealing with if you find them in your pool.

Green Algae in the Pool

Green algae is the kind that is most often found in swimming pools. Many people can tell that they have green algae in their pools because it turns the water a murky greenish color. The severity of the algae infestation can cause the water to be slightly green to very dark green that is so thick that the pool owners can’t see the bottom of the pool. It is best not to let algae get so bad that it is noticeable when you look at the pool. If you have a build-up of green algae, you can treat it by shocking your pool and using an algaecide to get rid of the algae and bacteria. Be sure you read all the directions to ensure that you use the product properly so the treatment is effective.  Once you have treated your pool you may need to check the water balance and add something to increase the alkalinity.

Black Algae in the Pool

Black algae are not a very common type of algae to get in a swimming pool but if you do have it, it can be very difficult to remove. Black algae are actually the hardest type of algae to eradicate. It can only be located in a small section of the pool or can cover the entire surface. The black algae are hard to kill because it has a strong outer coating that is resistant to many chemicals. It also has deep roots that go down into the system of the pool. The first step in treating black algae is to shock the pool with an algaecide specifically made for black algae. You will also need to use a product that controls the metal levels and be diligent in adhering to the treatment schedule to prevent any recurrence of the algae. Proper swimming pool algae control will ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy so you can enjoy it when you want to.

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