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An Italian Twist on Classic American Dishes

Fresh, Fast & Friendly

La Rosa Chicken & Grill is the brainchild of Vincenzo Pugliese, whose family of successful Italian entrepreneurs heavily influences his menu selections and culinary values. Similar to the quality of food Pugliese enjoyed as a child, each menu choice at La Rosa Chicken & Grill involves the highest quality, simple ingredients treated respectfully, prepared masterfully and served in a casual yet elegant manner.

Widely considered one of the best grilled chicken restaurants in NY, La Rosa Chicken & Grill is actually a multi-chain franchise. The franchise maintains a to-minimize store-level food prep and ensure consistent quality, freshness and flavor at all satellite locations. Each location boasts tables and booth seats in full view of a semi-open kitchen, encouraging transparency among staff and guests.

The La Rosa Difference: Natural & Clean

Although La Rosa Chicken & Grill prides itself on serving guests in a timely manner, the restaurant’s culinary sensibilities stand firmly on slow-cooking principles. The bulk of ingredients used and served are locally sourced and in season. All chicken is free of hormones and preservatives, and the kitchen staff never uses MSG or artificial chemical flavoring.

Menu selections derive flavor instead from special house-made marinades combining a vibrant array of herbs and spices. To develop even more depth of flavor, cooking processes entail the use of kettles, grills and open fires, which allow fat to drain away while concentrating flavor and preserving juicy, palatable texture.

Fried or Flamed: Take Your Pick

La Rosa may be the one of the best grilled chicken restaurants NY, but the menu is more than chicken. Feast on individual meals or family meals consisting of burgers, gyros, artisanal sandwiches, wraps, ribs and salads. Choose between fried or rotisserie chicken and be sure to pair your selection with any number of succulent, home-style sides, such as sweet mashed potatoes, black beans, mac & cheese or garlic broccoli.

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