An Increasing Number of Men Are Discovering the Benefits a Facelift Can Bring

It’s sad but true that both genders age, however women often find the time to take care of themselves, ensuring they minimize and delay the effects of ageing through skin care regimes, healthy living and appropriate surgical assistance when they need it. Unfortunately, as men we can sometimes be reluctant to embrace a clean lifestyle and other positive interventions which can significantly benefit our quality of life. If you’re a man who wants to look your best, or someone who knows a man that could do with a helping hand, read on to find out what the benefits of a surgical facelift can be and why so many men are opting for this straight-forward and transformative procedure.

Look More Attractive

While a few wrinkles can be considered evidence of maturity and character, sagging jowls, a wobbly chin and a deeply furrowed forehead are unappealing to many people. In an age when divorce is common and long term, serial relationships are the norm, many men find that they are playing the dating game in their 40s, 50s and beyond. Using a discreet surgeon to undertake a facelift can make you look years younger. There’s obviously more to finding the ideal mate than appearance, but ensuring you make the most of your assets can go a long way to ensuring you maximize your natural appeal.

Stay Ahead at Work

Sadly, older workers are regularly consigned to the scrapheap. Research indicates employers often prefer younger workers, believing that they won’t take as much time off sick or will be able to keep up with a punishing schedule more easily. Despite the fact that evidence shows more mature workers demonstrate greater reliability, looking your age can be a powerful disincentive to employers when it comes to recruiting new staff or promoting existing ones. Investing in a facelift from a specialist could absolutely transform your career prospects. Results can be discreet yet effective, meaning colleagues notice you look revitalized and younger but can’t quite work out how you’ve managed it!

Once you actually take the plunge and book a consultation at the Dr. Wise Center for facial plastic surgery in New Jersey, you’ll be amazed by just how simple and affordable a facelift can be. Many people find that regular facelift treatments can keep them looking great for decades. More and more men are discovering that a facelift can work wonders for them and not just women. Why not contact the Dr. Wise Center and have any of your questions or concerns addressed?

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