All Things Modern Sliding Doors for San Diego

Sliding doors have been a mainstay in homes for many years. Many people call them patio doors or sliding glass doors and have used them for access to backyards or patios. But there are some very modern takes on this traditional door style. Contemporary sliding doors come with so many more options that a standard two-panel fixed/operable sliding glass door.

Now you can get multiple sliding and fixed panels to open up nearly any space to the outdoors. Modern sliding door systems expand across entire walls giving you an indoor-outdoor living space that is supremely stylish and unique. Worried about opening up that much space and not having a screen to cover it? Don’t be! New screen technology can handle even the largest sliding doors. Let’s explore all your sliding door options:

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Milgard Windows and Doors has created a line of Moving Glass Wall Systems that expand your sliding door options immensely. These doors extend beyond the simple two-panel sliding door options to give you a sleek and stylish sliding door unique to the space that you create.

Stacking Doors

Stacking Doors are the Moving Glass Wall System equivalent of the sliding door. Simple sliding glass panels that stack at the end of the track. The difference with these doors is that you can use multiple stacking panels to open up spaces as large as 20 feet wide. That’s a ton of open space.

While that seems like a lot of weight and material to move for a sliding door, Milgard has made it easy to operate. The doors slide smoothly allowing for smooth operation and enjoyment of an indoor-outdoor space second to none.

Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors operate similarly to stacking doors with one marked difference. Once stacked they continue to move into the housing space inside the wall. That allows for the full opening to be used instead of leaving a pile of doors visible and in the way at the end of the frame. If you have enough space next to the opening you want to create, pocket doors are a great option for a real indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are a unique type of sliding door. The panels stack like an accordion as they slide ending up perpendicular to the wall. This folding door gives you the same opening ability as a stacking door but with less space taken up by a fixed panel at the end of the track. It’s another great opportunity for open spaces even if you don’t have enough room in the wall for a pocket door.

4 Panel Sliding Door

If the traditional sliding door is more your style but you still want more of a view than a four-panel sliding door is the perfect option for your home. This door has two sliding doors that operate to either side from the center of a four-panel door set up. The two panels on the end are fixed but have the same full door glass as the sliding door. That extra glass gives you the view you want while still having a larger than usual sliding glass door opening.

Rooms full of Sliding Doors

Another modern use of sliding doors is to take a traditional sunroom of a room that opens to the backyard and fill it with multiple sliding doors instead of windows. This configuration brings in more light and gives the homeowner better access to the outdoors than a traditional sunroom or single sliding door offers. Additionally, people are using these sliding doors as the main interior door for rooms in a home or business. This style of interior door brings a unique and modern look to any room.

Phantom Screens

Modern doors call for modern screens. Phantom screens provide a variety of options for these contemporary and extreme sliding door options. For the traditional sliding door, we have the standard phantom screen. It rolls and hides away in the canister installed on the door frame matched to the door color. These hideaway options allow you to have screens when you need them but an unobstructed view from your doors at all other times.

For the larger openings, there are large automatic screens that come down from the top of the frame. These mechanical screens are a great option that allows for a huge amount of air flow from the grand opening these doors create. The screens can keep out unwanted bugs and some are developed to help shade the interior from the sun. So you get the best of outdoor living without any of the hassles.

Standard Sliding Door

Why discuss the traditional sliding door in an article on modern sliding doors? Because the frame materials, locks, and operation of standard sliding doors are now more advanced than ever. With newer and more durable frame materials like vinyl and fiberglass, dual pane insulated glass, and stronger locks sliding doors have come into the modern age.

Vinyl and fiberglass are quickly surpassing aluminum and wood for replacing sliding doors. These frame materials don’t rot and rust so they can last longer. They are also better at insulating the house from the elements. Fiberglass frame options even come with a wood veneer if you want a wood look and feel on the interior. If you must have a wood door, Milgard makes a full wood door interior with a fiberglass exterior. That door combines the durability of modern materials with the aesthetics and beauty of a traditional wood door.

New glass options for sliding doors include dual pane insulated glass units (IGUs). These glass units are better at insulating the home from the variation in temperature outside. They come with several options that help limit exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. By blocking out more UV rays, the temperature stays more consistent and it helps keep furnishing from fader longer than traditional glass in doors.

Finally, modern locks are made to withstand to most aggressive forced entry attempts. They are stronger and better at hiding whether they are locked or unlocked. The new designs mask the locking mechanism better so that you can’t tell as easily whether the bolt is engaged. No more visible up and down latch for easy identification for a home invader. These locks are made to last and protect the residents of your home.

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