Gas Fireplaces Need Annual Servicing

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Fireplaces

It comes as no surprise to homeowners that have wood burning fireplaces that every year they have to clean the chimney and the fireplace. Wood, especially if it is damp when used, creates a buildup of creosote on the chimney walls and the firebox. A gas fireplace does not have this problem, why then is it recommended that gas fireplace service in Chicago should be carried out?

There is absolutely no doubt that a gas fired fireplace is far more convenient than one that burns wood. Although they are convenient, this does not mean that they require no attention. A gas fireplace has several potential problems which can prove dangerous if they are not resolved.

Debris: Although they may appear indestructible, the ceramic logs that are used in gas fireplaces can eventually deteriorate and clog the vents. If the outside chimney is in a state of disrepair; missing mortar, etc, moisture can easily enter the chimney, loosen the flue liner tiles which can fall into the hearth.

Function: Just like you don’t take your car for granted, you should never take it for granted that the components that go into a gas fireplace will keep operating perfectly. Valves and connections can deteriorate, resulting in leaks. If there are leaks due to malfunctioning components there is the distinct possibility of a flash fire or even explosion.

Ventilation: During the “off-season” it is not unusual for birds to nest in the chimney; this of course will affect ventilation. Although a gas fireplace does not create a buildup of creosote that does not mean that fireplace service in Chicago is not necessary.

It is imperative that the fireplace mechanism as well as the chimney is in good condition and working order. Any problems can quickly lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide in your home which is deadly.

To prevent fire, explosion or a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide it is important to have gas and wood burning fireplace service in Chicago performed at least once a year. You are invited to schedule service by contacting Northwest Metalcraft.

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