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Advantages of Assisted Living Home Companion Care in Nassau County for Seniors With Cerebral Palsy

Many people with cerebral palsy live independently for most of their adult lives, but the situation may change as they reach their senior years. If their condition becomes too challenging to manage at home, they may decide to move to an assisted living community. They may not need nursing care, but they would benefit from home companion care in Nassau County. This service is available at many assisted living centers.

Family members might protest this decision, assuming they can help with the daily household chores and some basic personal care tasks. However, the senior citizen may prefer the idea of moving to assisted living and having home companion care in Nassau County instead. They don’t want to become a burden on their relatives and may feel a little embarrassed about their increasing level of disability.

Worsening Problems

The problem for seniors with cerebral palsy isn’t necessarily that this disorder will start becoming worse, although that tends to happen with certain types of this condition. Some patients develop more pain and stiffness by this age. They have a greater tendency to develop arthritis. Also, the issues that many older people must deal with add to the existing problems. It becomes more difficult to make nutritious meals and to get out of the house without some assistance.

Ending Social Isolation

The person also may have been feeling more socially isolated as time passes. He or she may have held a full-time job until retiring, and now finds many hours drifting by without the socialization previously accustomed to. Moving to assisted living provides an immediate community of potential friends and new rewarding relationships. The person can spend time alone when that’s preferred and can easily socialize at other times.

Positive Experiences

The positive experiences with a community such as The Regency have physical, mental, and emotional advantages for seniors dealing with cerebral palsy. Close friendships boost their emotional well-being and ward off depression. Conversations and various activities are mentally stimulating, helping people keep their short-term memory and cognitive abilities sharper. Home care companions who visit the residents daily provide the necessary assistance with daily living tasks. Visit us on the website.

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