A Look at How Civil Rights Can Affect Your Life and Work in Oak Lawn

When it comes to civil rights, it can be a confusing subject, but Oak Lawn civil rights attorneys can break down the process for you.

Civil Rights

To begin, you should know what some of your civil liberties are. In America, people have the right to speak freely and practice any religion they choose. Everyone is also allowed to gather or assemble. People have the right to petition their local, state, and federal leaders. When it comes to due process, there is a practice that the courts must follow. Sadly, some organizations violate individual rights by treating them differently because of their skin color, gender, religious affiliations, or disability.

Search and Seizure

There are clear rules that officials must follow when searching property, houses, cars, bodies, and clothing. If an official or business does not adhere to the strict guidelines, the harmed party might be entitled to compensation. There are many caveats to these procedures. It is good to speak with legal specialists if you feel someone illegally searched you or your property or wrongfully took possession of your belongings.


Employers can discriminate against their staff on purpose or by accident. A company might pass an individual over for a raise or promotion because of their physical appearance or private beliefs. It is illegal for a business to hold a person back because of that individual’s religion, gender, and other factors. These laws apply to private operations as well as all levels of the government.

If you feel your rights have been violated, contact Oak Lawn civil rights attorneys at Michael D. Ettinger & Associates today.

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