Expert Tips on How to Prove Fault in an Oakland Auto Accident

After a car accident, the insurance companies will swoop in and do all that they can to prove who was at fault in the accident. This is a matter of course as there are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, on the line. However, the first thing that you need to do is contact Oakland auto accident attorneys so that you can protect yourself whether you caused the accident or not. They will help answer the question of how do you prove fault in an auto accident case in Oakland


The first people that will be interviewed are the drivers and any eyewitnesses who happened to be there at the time of the accident. All of the insurance companies will have questions that they need to ask everyone involved. It is crucial that you do not exaggerate or tell falsehoods as this is actually a crime.

Police Reports

Any time there is an accident, police on the scene will take reports from the people that were involved. These reports should generally match what is told to the insurance companies as they will be analyzing these reports as well. Make sure you also tell Oakland auto accident attorneys everything that you tell the police and provide a copy of the police reports if available.

Applicable Laws

The last piece of the puzzle to determine how you prove fault in an auto accident case in Oakland is to look at the state and local laws that apply in the situation. A lawyer will be able to help you with this determination.

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