CCTV Systems in New Jersey Prevent Employee Theft

A CCTV system is set up to monitor a property by closed-circuit television. While video cameras monitor the outside and inside of a business or home, signals transmit images to displays. Because everything is captured on video, a CCTV system can be used as an excellent deterrent to crime.

For example, a criminal who wants to enter premises might think to go elsewhere if he or she spots a camera outside a building. Therefore, to prevent any type of intrusion, it is always a good idea to place CCTV cameras outside of entrances. Just make sure that you keep the camera up high so a criminal cannot damage it.

A Better Way to Prevent Crime

It was found that CCTV systems in New Jersey do indeed prevent crime. For example, one study showed that adding a CCTV system to a car park led to a 50% reduction in crime. When the system was used in a public setting, crime decreased by about 7%.

A Reduction in Customer and Employee Theft

When CCTV systems are used inside businesses or at checkout, it was found that the security accessory reduced both customer and employee theft. Employees who know that they are being surveilled by a camera will refrain from stealing. In addition, cameras cause employees to work harder as they know that they are being watched.

Do You Have an Insurance Claim to File?

CCTV systems can also be used in the home. Not only can you reduce the cost of your homeowner’s premium but you can also file claims more easily. If you can show the reason for your claim on video, you can make it easier to receive compensation.

As you can see, you can greatly benefit from the addition of a CCTV system. You just need to know more about installation and how the system works. You can find out these details by visiting a site such as online. Explore your options today and make a security upgrade.

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