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A Brief Breakdown of Pediatric CPR Techniques Taught in Sacramento

Pediatric CPR classes provide the necessary training and hands-on practice to parents, grandparents, and other caregivers who might need to provide emergency care to children. Pediatric CPR classes in Sacramento include the latest updates on techniques, chest compressions, and rescue breathing as it pertains to babies and infants.

Who Needs This Course

Not only do parents and family members benefit from this course, but medical professionals, people that work in childcare, and babysitters do as well. Pediatric CPR classes in Sacramento are for teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. It takes eight hours to complete the class, and after successfully learning and performing the techniques, a participant will receive a certificate. There are no prerequisites to join, and you will get written instructions, hands-on experience with dummies, and guidance from instructors.

Compression Technique

In a training course you’ll learn things such as the following. With an infant, begin by gently trying to rouse the child and calling 911. To see if the infant is conscious, loudly say their name or see if you can elicit a response. If you cannot, check for any air movement by feeling for air exiting the nose or mouth and looking for chest movement. If you get no response and no signs of breathing, it is time to move into CPR immediately. You can do chest compressions with two fingers, and you should go down slightly more than 1 inch. Allow the chest to rise between compressions. Consider taking pediatric CPR classes in Sacramento from Rescue Training Institute to learn these procedures properly and thoroughly. You can contact them at .

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