Benefits of Lift Chair Recliners in Modesto, CA

If you have arthritis, muscular problems, or other issues with mobility, you may be frustrated when you try to sit down or get up from a chair. While this will always be a problem with a traditional chair, it does not always have to be. If mobility is a problem for you, lift chair recliners in Modesto, CA are your solution.

Less Strain

When you have certain conditions, the strain from trying to get up from a chair can be overwhelming. However, when there is a lift that is assisting you in your sitting, the strain is greatly reduced. It takes the load off the muscles required for that particular movement, which is especially useful if you are arthritic or recovering from surgery.

Total Control

Since lifting recliners come with a remote control, you are in total control of the entire process. This greatly reduces the chance of over-extending yourself and falling. You can move as quickly or as slowly as you need to.

Good For Others

If you have a caretaker, a lifting recliner is good for them as well. It is not uncommon for a caretaker to hurt their back or strain another muscle trying to lift their patients out of a traditional chair. Lift chair recliners in Modesto, CA solve this by doing the heavy lifting for them.

If you are interested in getting this type of chair for yourself or for a loved one, please contact Mobility Plus of CA at They have many models available.

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