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4 Things Before Moving to an Assisted Living Home

Moving to an assisted living home can be a daunting thought. Approaching the move with proper resources can make it easier. Here’s a checklist of tips to help you through the transition.

Pick the Right Facility

Before anything else, make sure you pick the assisted living facility in Katy, TX,that’s right for your needs. Go over the services it offers. What kind of reputation does it have? What about credentials? Are the staff trained? Your care will fall to them most of the time. Also, is the facility too far? Ask these questions, so you can choose wisely.

Be Honest with Yourself

Do you need more help than what you now get from the occasional visits of your family? If yard work, cooking, house chores or more are becoming difficult, it’s time to assess your needs. Consider giving assisted living a try.

Talk to Your Family

Make your family a part of your decision. Your loved ones probably would have been worried for quite some time now. Maybe, they wanted to swing by more often but couldn’t. Maybe they’ve asked you a couple of times to hire someone to look after you. Talk to them about moving to an assisted living home. That will put their worries to rest. Knowing that you won’t be alone, is reassuring. In case you fall or get into an accident, there will be someone there to help you. The staff is also trained to prevent any of those accidents from happening to you in the first place, so they can rest easy, knowing you’re getting the care you need.

Pay a Visit

You can do virtual or in-person tours. Take a look at the facility. Do you see yourself living there? Be sure to understand the costs. It’s also a good idea to observe the interactions between the residents and staff to give you a better idea about their dynamics and whether it’s a good place to live for you.

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