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If Your Laptop is Your Life: 3 Ways to Make Using Your Laptop Enjoyable

If you’re like most computer users, you spend hours every day hunched over your keyboard and laptop screen. Doing so can be painful and may even cause serious problems like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome in the long run.

Whether you’re working on your laptop or in an office at your job, make it easier on yourself by taking these three steps toward ergonomic computing:

1. Use a Laptop Riser

Don’t have room for a separate keyboard and mouse? You can use a standing desk riser that raises your laptop to eye level. With a riser, you’ll be able to keep both hands on your computer.

A standing desk riser also keeps your wrists straight so they don’t bend at an awkward angle, risking carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist problems.

2. Use a Laptop Cooler

It’s great to be able to take your laptop with you wherever you go, but if you’re planning on using it for an extended period, it’s a good idea to invest in a cooling pad. This gadget will help extend your laptop’s battery life and prevent overheating that could lead to damage.

3. Watch Out For Tendonitis

As a laptop user, you should also be aware of tendonitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of a tendon. The connection between tendonitis and laptop use is not completely understood, but there is strong evidence that it can be caused by repeatedly flexing or contracting your wrist in one direction. If you develop pain in your wrist after using your computer for long periods, consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

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