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3 Qualifications You Must Meet in Order to Receive LASIK Surgery

You would love to get away from wearing glasses or contact lenses. Others have found that LASIK surgery corrects their vision issues and makes that happen. Are you a candidate for this type of procedure? Here are some of the factors that will help the surgeon decide if this solution is right for you.

The Condition of Your Eyes

While the procedure will correct many issues, there are some conditions that might get worse as a result of undergoing this type of surgery. When one of those conditions is present, the surgeon may decide you are not a good candidate. For example, patients with would not be accepted. Assuming the condition can be corrected and is no longer an issue, you can always come back for a fresh consultation.

Your General Health

Your general health also factors into the ability to receive LASIK surgery. Chronic conditions like diabetes could rule out this type of procedure. Fibromyalgia is another example. Any condition that negatively impacts your autoimmune system could also cause a surgeon to not consider you an acceptable candidate.

Even your mental health can make a difference. People with conditions like depression or some sort of severe anxiety disorder may not be eligible. Generally, the surgeon will want to consult with your other medical providers to determine if they think your condition is controlled enough to have the procedure.

The Best Possible Outcome

There’s also the need to determine how much improvement the surgery would provide. If you would still need to wear corrective eyewear, the surgeon may discourage you from proceeding. the preliminary examination will determine if the results would be sufficient to make having the LASIK surgery worth the time and effort.

There are other risk factors that must be considered before you have the surgery. Talk with a surgeon today and request a full eye exam. Once the results are in, you’ll have a better idea of what to do next.

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