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Your Questions About Boiler Repair In Chesterfield, MO Answered

Many individuals depend on a boiler to keep their homes and businesses warm during the cold winter months. Although boilers have a life expectancy of around 20 years, they may periodically need repairs. Individuals who encounter boiler problems should contact an experienced company that provides Boiler Repair in Chesterfield MO. The information below will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about boiler problems and repairs.

Q.) What are the reasons why a boiler would fail to turn on?

A.) The reason a boiler may fail to turn on at all can be simple, or it may require the services of a technician. An individual can first check the power supply to the boiler to make sure that the outlet is working. Checking the circuit breaker and replacing a blown fuse are also quick fixes that can be performed before contacting a technician. If the boiler still isn’t turning on, a technician should be called to test the thermostat, check the water level, and examine the starter. You can click here to get more details.

Q.) What are the reasons why a boiler doesn’t generate much heat while running?

A.) When a boiler runs but it’s not warming up the house, this could also be a sign that the water level is low. To run properly, the water level of a boiler should be kept at around half full. Mineral deposits from hard water will cause a boiler to malfunction, and a technician will need to flush out the system to get rid of the deposits. If there isn’t enough air in the expansion tank, the water inside the tank will get too hot, and it will begin to boil. This causes a pressure increase inside the tank, and it can possibly surpass the maximum level allowed. Other problems that require the services of a technician who provides Boiler Repair in Chesterfield MO include trapped water in the lines, water leaks, and unusual or loud noises coming from the boiler.

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