You Might Need a Wrongful Death Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington

When loved ones get sick, sometimes the illness is so bad that they require surgery and may not have time to think about what could go wrong. Of course, what could go wrong is that the loved one ends up dying, and it may turn out to be something that the surgeon did or did not do. If this is the case, the survivor may want to call an attorney who focuses on wrongful deaths. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington helps clients with such issues.

Keeping Your Head Up and Understanding the Personal Injury Law

A wrongful death is surely a rather emotional time for the survivor of the loved one, but he or she has to keep their wits about and understand the laws regarding wrongful death in Washington. Washington allows a time limit of three years for the loved one’s survivor to file a lawsuit in a Washington civil court. A failure to do so will, unfortunately, result in the lawsuit not being able to be addressed. It will also mean that the survivor will not have an opportunity to collect damages.

The Chance that the Sued Party May Try to Assign Blame Elsewhere

It is not a common occurrence, but the party being sued could try to assign blame to the patient that died, and might win that claim. If that is the case, the survivor of the deceased patient may find that any damages he or she could be awarded will be reduced by the percentage the patient was found to be at fault. This hardly seems fair, especially when the information may be skewed to make it look like it was the patient’s fault.

Hiring the Right Attorney

It is necessary to hire the right attorney to prevent unfair decisions from being made. The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto has been providing personal injury solutions for clients in the Gig Harbor area for more than 37 years. If any survivor of a loved one needs a Wrongful Death Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington, the law offices are available for help. Learn about Anthony C. Otto by visiting the website at

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