Wrap Your Pallets

Many companies stack their products onto pallets for ease of transportation, delivery and storage. Our pallet wrapping machine is set up to shrink wrap the products and pallets together so that there is a lower risk of product damage, theft, spillage and waste. Our shrink wrapping machine works quickly and safely so that your staff can get more work done in less time and with less physical effort.

Wrapping a pallet by hand is physically demanding work. The shrink wrap might get stuck to itself, and your employees might have to cut several feet of it off, wasting product that could otherwise be put to use. When you use our machine, it will pay for itself in just a year or two with moderate to heavy use. Our machine for shrink wrapping pallets uses less of the shrink wrap, which is one way that it saves your money. It also does the job faster than a human can, so it saves you time. Our machine also reduces the risk of an employee getting hurt while wrapping a pallet. In this way, it could save you on insurance and worker’s compensation costs.

Your clients will appreciate the carefully wrapped pallets. The people who load the trucks with the pallets will also appreciate it. They will not have to deal with loose items that fall off of the pallet during transit. Our machines also reduce product theft.

When you need a sturdy and reliable pallet wrapping machine to handle your production load, contact us at Tab Wrapper Tornado today. We offer durable and affordable machines to shrink wrap your pallets in a minimum amount of time.

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