Woodworking Safety Tips

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Both professionals working on large woodworking machines and DIYer’s starting their first project at home, most take the same safety precautions to avoid injury. Whether you are working on used woodworking machines or have brand new equipment, both require the same focus and attention to safety.

Safety Gear

1. When working with woodworking machines you should always wear protective eye gear to avoid getting splinters and wood chips in your eyes.

2. A dust mask is also advisable especially for those with breathing issues such as asthma or allergies.

3. Hearing protection should be worn as many woodworking machines have a high frequency noise when in operation which can cause damage to your hearing.

4. Gloves are advisable but only when lifting wood. Do not wear them when operating woodworking machinery as they can get caught.

5. Protective footwear such as steel toed and soled shoes should be worn where heavy equipment, materials and hazardous sharp objects are prevalent.

Used Woodworking Machines

When working with used woodworking machines always purchase from a reputable dealer who will have checked for the following:

1. Machine is properly grounded to avoid electrocution.
2. Safety guards are in place and in good working condition.
3. Start button should have a protective collar to avoid accidental switch on.
4. Sharp, straight saw blades for easy cutting.

General Safety Tips

1. Always check the materials you are cutting for foreign objects such as nails, screws, staples, etc. and remove if detected. These can fly up and cause serious injury.

2. Use a push stick to avoid serious injury to hands while cutting.

3. Keep the floor around the work space completely clear to avoid tripping while using the machinery.

4. Use proper overhead lighting so you can see the blade clearly when working.

5. Never leave the machine running when not in use.

6. Never operate machinery when wearing loose fitting clothing or with anything dangling such as jewellery.

7. Never try to adjust the blade or fix jams, etc with the power on. Turn the power off before trying to fix a jam or figure out issues with operation.

Following these simple rules will help keep you injury free during your woodworking projects.

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